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Solar Mac, established in 1992, are specialists in solar heating panels, heat pumps, salt water chlorinators and geyser solar heating. We offer a wide range of products and services operating in Kempton Park Gauteng and all adjoining provinces. Solar Mac has thousands of happy & satisfied customers from our solar pool heating products in Johannesburg. We value our honesty and integrity in high regard as we believe they are essential to the continued success of any establishment. We also play close attention to our staff resulting in outstanding service, the backbone of financial stability. We as a company understand that peace of mind is imperative to anybody who invests in a product. It is for this reason that Solar Mac will never under design a system or make false promises, you can trust us with your solar pool heating in Johannesburg and its surrounding areas.

What can Solar Pool Heating Johannesburg offer me?

Solar Mac offers a wide range of products and services to resolve any issues with solar pool heating in Johannesburg and surrounding areas. We manage to maintain competitive prices without affecting the quality of our products and services. Here are some of the products and services we offer.

  • Pool Heating Panels – Solar Mac are agents for the Delta-t solar panel designed and manufactured by Solar Specifics based in Cape Town. Each panel carries a ten year factory guarantee when installed by a factory approved agent.
  • Heat Pumps – Solar Mac use PoolTeam Heat Pumps, the preferred choice for operating efficiency, durability and reliability by professionals in the swimming pool industry. All heat pumps that we offer come with a 2 year warranty on the unit and 5 year warranty on the heat exchange coil and compressor.
  • Solar Geysers – Solar Mac markets and installs various makes and types of locally made Solar geyser systems. These systems come with a 5 year warranty and have a 20 year life expectancy.
  • Chlorinators – For trouble free pools Solar Mac will install a salt water chlorinator that will keep your pool crystal clear and user friendly. Currently we are using the Saline blue salt water chlorinator which is locally manufactured and is self cleaning, low maintenance and user friendly.
  • Pool Blankets – One of our UK imported thermal blankets will assist in keeping your pool warm by reducing evaporation from the already warm water from your pool panels or heat pump. For easy handling, roll up stations are available. This roll up station will also help to keep your blanket neat and tidy and damage free. Remember this blanket floats on the water it is not a safety cover.
  • General Maintenance – Solar Mac undertakes maintenance on all existing pool equipment and solar geysers. This includes pumps, filters, chlorinators etc.


Why choose Solar Pool Heating Johannesburg?

Solar Mac have a very resilient and well established track record, having provided incredible happiness, enjoyment and entertainment to thousands of clients as well as professional establishments such as swimming coaches, scuba instructors etc. Thanks to our broad selection of products solar pool heating in Johannesburg and surrounding areas has never been easier, you can get all you need right from us. Our companies are registered with associations such as SESSA for Solar pro and the NSPI for Solar Specifics etc. These long standing associations have an outstanding reputation and are well known to the public. Where possible Solar Mac markets local products and are proudly South African. Our prices are very competitive, but never at the expense of quality. We come equipped with decades of experience specializing in solar heating panels, heat pumps, salt water chlorinators and geyser solar heating.

Areas Serviced Include: Alberton, Benoni, Roodepoort, Boksburg, Edenvale, Germiston, Pretoria

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